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Bottlefield Ep. 1 – BF4 and Next-gen Consoles


We drink and chat! As BF4 launch nears, we discuss some brand new features making their way into Battlefield 4.


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This was our first podcast episode and we barely took notes. More detailed notes on the next one.

Some of the topics discussed:

Spectator mode

Next-gen Recording and Livestreaming

Vehicle Limited Ammo

  • On normal and hardcore (not confirmed)
  • Your tank/LAV/Attack Boat ammo is limited
  • Replenished only by supply drop from Commander
  • We rely on commander being competent!
  • Secondary (LMG, etc.) and planes/helicopters unlimited ammo

Ten New Knives

  • Bayonet (like BF3 regular knife)
  • ACB-90 (BF3 Premium)
  • Shank
  • Machete
  • Bowie knife (boo-ee)
  • Carbon-fibre (lightweight & quiet)
  • Improvised knife (made from railroad pin)
  • Scout knife
  • Survival knife
  • Trench knife (punch enemy w/ handle?)

Suppression is back but it has changed

Suppression in Battlefield 4 works differently compared to BF3. This time, players won’t get an accuracy penalty per se, instead, their scope / sight will sway, much like the scopes on sniper rifles. The Battlefield 4 suppression system and its effects will vary from weapon to weapon, with machine guns and sniper rifles having the biggest effect on players.

Starting on PS3/Xbox 360 and carrying over to PS4/XBONE

New grenades

  • Incendiary grenade

    • It creates a curved wall of fire that lasts for a few seconds, and can set fire to enemy soldiers. The incendiary grenade in Battlefield 4 is an effective weapon to block entrance points and to defend MCOM stations in Rush.
  • Flashbang

    • It does no damage to enemies, it creates a bright flash which blinds enemies for a few seconds. also works well on drivers of nearby vehicles. It’s a great for both offensive and defensive roles.